As the Executive Director of Tacoma's Grand Cinema for over ten years, I've had the opportunity to work with over 1.2 million people who have come through our doors.  Working to create positive experiences for that many people has given me the customer service skills so vitally important to represent you on the council.  I've written and balanced budgets, hired staff, worked on marketing plans, and worked to create community conversations on many important issues.  Prior to working at The Grand, I spent eight years in management with The Tacoma Rainiers Baseball Club, another community focused business.  I've had success in both positions because I care and I listen.  As your Council Member, my priority will be representing you based on the conversations I have with you.  I will continue to be out in the community because that daily presence is what we need in this position.  Serving you is my priority.  

I truly love our city and will work toward making it easier for businesses to thrive and grow.  I will work to keep our environment clean so that the children of today have a city their children can live in.  As a person with degrees in finance and international business, I will take a deep dive into our city's budget to make sure your tax dollars are being spent wisely.  I will work to create safe, walkable communities.  I will make sure our police and fire departments have the appropriate amount of support to keep each of us safe and secure. Together we can help grow our city toward an amazing future.  I ask for your vote this fall to make it happen!